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How it all began

Turkish Kitchen started in 1995 by a Turkish doctor in a very small kitchen in Revell Ave Mt Roskill where he would hand made and pack products to sell to few specialty stores around Auckland to make a living.

It was his intimate knowledge of traditional Turkish foods and their ingredients - used for centuries that give Turkish Kitchen it's authentic and unique taste that was quickly accepted by the customers that were able to purchase Turkish Kitchen products from the few stores that he supplied to. We continued on with his vision on healthy living and authentic taste by consistently using the freshest quality ingredients and flavour it with the Mediterranean herbs and spices in every product we make so we can provide our customers with consistent quality product in both taste and texture

When you think of Hummus & Dips, you think of the Middle East and the Mediterranean style of entertainment.

We pride ourselves in our amazing sales support. Please see our Contact Us page for any assistance you may require.

We have sales staff with extensive knowledge of our products and services together with experience in all sectors of the market.

Where are we now?

Sales support

Fifteen years on with a lot of received customer feedback; Turkish Kitchen continue to provide our loyal and dedicated customers with their favourite hummus, dips & spreads along with unique offerings that will satisfy their needs. A lot has been learnt over this time and each learning has been used to improve what we do in both our kitchen and service that our customers are enjoying.