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Our unique range of authentic dips.

Traditional dips include Hummus, Yogurt & Cucumber, Fresh Spinach & Feta, Roasted Beetroot & Feta, Kumara & Lentil, Roasted Beetroot & Feta and Spicy Capsicum & Feta.

The Republic of Turkey where East meets West, has a tantalizing cuisine that incorporates influences from all of its neighbouring countries and regions.

While Turkish food is therefore characterised by its enormous variety, the emphasis is invariably on freshness, subtle flavours and the intricate blending of diverse ingredients. Turkish Kitchen is a 100 percent New Zealand-owned company using authentic recipes for its dips, hummus, spreads and falafel. Our products are found nationally in all good supermarkets.

Quite simply, Turkish Kitchen is, "A Heavenly Taste of Turkey".


Ideal meal solution for vegans.


A versatile range of dips or spreads.

All our 'flavour It' dips are made in NZ in the traditional way of the Middle East.All the ingredients are of the highest quality. The recipes are authentic Middle Eastern fare and are made with passion with the freshest ingredients for New Zealand consumers. They are gluten and wheat free, low sugar.






Grab-and-Go ready to eat

Our falafel fingers are cooked and ready to eat. Grab-and-Go snacks ready to eat anytime, anywhere. ENJOY!


FLAVOURED HUMMUS Our traditional hummus with a twist.

A tantalising blend of smokey and sweet flavours, that’s ideal as a spread or dip, and perfect to share, available in 200g, 355g and 380g variations.

Turkish Kitchen continues to strive for healthy meal solutions and after continuously researching healthy options, we decided that we would bring to the market a great healthy gluten free vegetarian Falafel range using fresh basil and coriander together with fresh onion, garlic & carrots with additional health benefit of Omega 3 found in flaxseed oils. An ideal product for vegetarians or vegans.